OJESH® Lifting Sheet Mask

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OJESH 4D Lifting mask filled with patented formula of large, medium, micro and nano molecular Hyaluronic Acid. Replenishes moisture levels and support the skin’s natural firmness.

1D Cycle: can improve the subcutaneous circulatory system, bring a lot of nutrients, skin cells renewal speeds up

2D Tighten: mini HA mini molecules, molecules, macromolecules three-dimensional moisturizing, make the skin moisturizing without water, skin moisturizing 90.5% can make the sagging tissue can be tightened up

3D wrinkle reduction: Nano-small molecule hyaluronic acid fully absorbed by skin, began to grow with rich collagen-containing connective tissue. Wrinkles disappear, skin becomes moist & delicate

4D whitening blemish: the world’s patent whitening formula using the global patent Matrixyl3000 PEG free formula to achieve moist and shine, brighten the skin really safe and whitening