La Muse Return 2 Blessing Visual Cream



LA MUSE Return 2 Blessing Visual Cream

Be the fairest of them all with LA MUSE’s Visual Cream
Redefine your skin with LA MUSE Visual Cream, veil every imperfection on your face and achieve a smooth complexion as you rejuvenate your skin with this phenomenal product.
Applying layers of sun screen, moisturizer and foundation can be such a hassle and can feel heavy on the face especially after a long day under the blazing sun. Introducing LA MUSE’s luxurious BB cream that not only conceals imperfections but also protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun while additionally repairing and moisturizing your skin. This lightweight, moisture-infused formula is designed for coverage build-up and will lavish your skin with a natural dewy finish without being weighed down on your skin. LA MUSE’s Visual Cream works its wonders in every kind of extreme weather, be it during the hot summer days or freezing winter nights with no touch-ups needed.


  • SPF 50+ PA+++ (Blocking 98%-100% of harmful sun rays)
  • Formulated to hydrate your skin leaving you with smooth, moisturized skin
  • Excellent coverage – Conceals imperfections
  • Refines wrinkles and fine lines – Return back to youth!
  • Extremely long lasting for up to 50 hours – Proven results
  • Gorgeous satin – your-skin-but-better finish
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Illuminates skin with a healthy and radiant glow


Colour Adjusting Technology – It’s Like Magic

LA MUSE Return 2 Blessing Visual Cream comes in only one shade – it instantly self-adjusts to match your skin tone. As you blend the product into the skin, specially treated pigment capsules gets activated and will adjust to match your skin tone.


LA MUSE Return 2 Blessing Visual Cream comes in 2 options

LA MUSE Return 2 Blessing Visual Cream


LA MUSE Return 2 Blessing Visual Cream Cushion

30 ml

Product Volume

15 ml




©    Pump a small amount of product onto the back of your hand and work it onto the face with your fingers or a beauty blender

©    Ensure product is blended well

©    Use more product to build coverage

How To use

©    Use cushion puff to layer on product until desired coverage is achieved

©    Keep cushion clean by rinsing the cushion puff with lukewarm water and soap, squeeze all the water out and leave to dry completely before using product again.




LA MUSE Return 2 Blessing Visual Cream

Sterile Airless Pump Bottle

  • Can be used as a body cream as well
  • Comes in a pump-type packaging which is more hygienic and easy to dispense the product


LA MUSE Return 2 Blessing Visual Cream Cushion

 Specialized Moisture Retaining Porcelain Cushion Puff

  • The porcelain cushion puff helps control excessive sebum production
  • Specialized moisture retaining innovation of the cushion puff prevents wastage of product – Excess product on the puff does not dry out and can be used multiple times before picking up more product
  • Applies product while adding moisture into the skin




  • Shea Butter – Moisture retention coating
  • Argan Kernel oil– Preventing high moisturization and dryness
  • Hyaluronic Acid– Natural Moisture Factor (NMF)
  • Lavender oil– Improves skin texture
  • Bergamot leaves extract– Skin vitality
  • Peppermint leaves extract– Reducing itchiness
  • Matricaria flower extract– Helps soothe skin
  • Rosemary leaves extract– Keeps skin gloss and elasticity
  • Willow bark extract– Aligns pores and skin texture
  • Cinnamon skin extract– Protects damaged skin
  • Aloe Vera Extract– Aids in soothing the skin
  • Titanium Dioxide – Contributes to the excellent coverage abilities of LA MUSE’s Visual Cream
  • Milk Protein Extract – Moisturizes the skin
  • Pearl Extract – Aids in improving texture and elasticity of the skin
  • Centella asiatica extract, Virginia flower extract & tea tree leaf extract – Strengthens the skin barrier and purifies clogged pores

Proven Clinical Results

LA MUSE’s Visual Cream was tested clinically for a duration of 50 hours and the results were astounding:

  • Visibly improved appearance of wrinkles, smile lines and fine lines
  • Reduced appearance of pre-existing pigmentation
  • Concealed Melasma, pigmentation, redness, pimples, wrinkles and scars up to 50 hours
  • Pores appeared smaller
  • Face appeared to be well-moisturized and there were no signs of dryness
  • FDA approved 

* This experiment was conducted at P & K Skin Clinical Research Center, a clinical trial specialist.



What it does to your skin!

  • Conceals Freckles – Before & After

  • Minimizies the Appearance of Pores and Oily Skin – Before & After

  • Conceal Flushed Cheeks and Redness – Before & After