All About Soo Sun Stage Mega Cushion SPF50+ PA++++



Reflected Rays UV Mega Cushion

           Keep your entire body cool and protected from UV rays with the All About Soo Sun Stage Mega Cushion. This large mochi sponge holds moisture without any evaporation and it’s the perfect way to apply the cooling formula across your face and body. Whether you’re preparing to go outside or you’re trying to stay cool in the sun, the Mega Cushion is ready to apply in seconds.

            Slide your fingers under the silky strap and apply a moderate amount of product onto the puff sponge, then wipe it across all areas of your face and body that are exposed to UV rays. You can even use it for mid-day touchups on top off makeup! The innovative formula utilizes a water shield to reflect damaging sun rays without causing a chemical reaction on your skin. Now you can step into the sun with confidence! The Mega Cushion delivers triple UV protection with SPF50+.

            Additionally, the formula is specifically designed with minerals and botanicals that promote brighter, younger-looking skin. Over time, the hydrating formula can actually lighten sunspots, lift wrinkles, and improve your skin texture. Instantly cool down today and enjoy luminous, healthy skin tomorrow.



Main Ingredient list


All About Soo sun care products are free from these 10 harmful ingredients

Mega size MOCHI cushion for your convenience


Special technology using Water Shield to reflect harmful UV rays

Proven to lower body temperature by an average of 1.26 degree celcius

Usage application




Gift with purchase! A cute pouch for your on-the-go sun protection