ATO Triple Aqua Soothing Lotion


ATO Triple Aqua

ATORAK products contain all the BEST skin-protecting ingredients from scientifically created  to naturally skin-beneficial plant extracts.


ATORAK Soothing Lotion

A lightweight,  skin-friendly Lotion that helps strengthen the skin barrier with excellent moisturizing power. Use it as your daily moisturizer to protect your skin barrier from external aggressors. 

Recommended as a body moisturizer as well, keeping sensitive and dry skin healthy. It contains moisturizing ingredients that have excellent skin affinity to keep the skin moist.




Let's take a deeper dive into BSASM-7

It is a natural ingredient for eczema and sensitive skin. It contains extracts that are effective in regulating anti-inflammatory and immune responses.

A complex extract that relieves irritating and heals atopic dermatitis such as dry skin, inflamed skin and scars.

It has a mechanism of action that controls inflammatory factors, strengthens skin barrier and soothes the skin.

And the reason why this ATORAK Soothing Lotion is extremely hydrating is because of the triple moisturizing agents!

The special ingredient in the ATO Soothing Lotion contains these extra ingredients to help keep sensitive and dry skin healthy and supple. 



In the morning and evening, apply an appropriate amount on the cleansed, dry face and spread it evenly for absorption. This can be used on the whole body as well.


A closer look at the texture