Miracle 30 Skin Improvement Therapy



30 minutes is all you need to see the MIRACLE!!

Probably the only product you will find in the market that gives you instant results right after 1 use!
You will only need to invest 30 minutes, once every 3 days to experience the same skin therapy effect you get from the aesthetic clinic.
Miracle 30 Skin Improvement Therapy contains 98% purity of 5 different peptide, giving you wrinkle reduction, pore tightening, skin lifting, whitening and anti-aging.This is by far the highest content of of peptide you will find in the market (most doesn't even contain peptide)! Loved by many, highly raved by all!
If you have tried other brands of lifting mask, we are certain Miracle 30 will leave you in awe!. It will be the most amazing experience you will ever encounter! You will feel the immediate tightening and lifting effect from Miracle 30. Most lifting masks in the market does not contain peptide due to the high cost, thus giving you mediocre results.

How often should I use it?

We recommend twice a week in the first month.
Subsequent months, you can use it once a week.
You can also use it the day before a special day!

What are our thoughts after using Miracle 30?

Visible results of face tightening instantly! Pictures never lie.
More defined jawline.
Skin brightens up immediately.
Best of it all? Effects last through the next day! Just like you had a jab of botox!

Glow Beauty Recipe's Tips for using Miracle 30

  • Brush in upward motion when applying it
  • Do not have it on for longer than 40 minutes
  • It is certified harmless to the skin. Hence, it is normal to experience redness sometimes. Do not be alarmed and redness will reduce after an hour

We highly recommend to use the mask twice a week for the first month and once a week for subsequent months (for maintenance). You may also like to use it the night before for special occasions for that camera ready skin!

Based on our recommended usage:

2 boxes of 4 uses for 1 month supply 
5 boxes of 4 uses for 3 months supply