ROYAL SKIN Micro Patch

Well, we all know that as amazing as some skincare products may sound, there are limits as to what topical skincare products can do. And that is the reason why some women turn to aesthetic treatments like botox, fillers, threadlifts, lasers for more pronounced and long- lasting results. But if invasive treatments make you cringe, would something that improves the penetration of active ingredients without being invasive sound like a great alternative for you?
Have you heard of needle patches? They are skincare patches which come with tiny spikes on one side which is to be applied to the skin and helps push active ingredients deeper into the skin without being invasive.
Now let's introduce the very popular eye patch from Royal Skin Korea which is adapted to be suitable for at-home use. It has super fine hyaluronic acid micro needles (Micro Needle Technology) that can penetrate into the skin. This allows the active ingredients penetrating to work deeper into the skin.
This micro patch is perfect for those who are concern with
 lines / wrinkles on the skin
 saggy / not so taught skin
It is made with 100% hyaluronic acid and lactose which makes
it highly effective in
  Delivering moisture
    Restoring firmness &
           Youthfulness to your skin
             Improving lines & wrinkles
How to use:
1. After your evening cleanse and tone, remove the patch with a dry hand.
2. Remove the protective film from the edges and back of the patch.
3. Attach the skin to the desired area (eye, wrinkle, etc.) Press the needle part several times by hand.
4. Remove the patch after 3 - 4 hours and tap the remaining contents to absorb. For best results, you may sleep overnight with it.
Point to note:
The 'Hydrocolloid' band used in healing wounds increases the product's adhesion and decreases skin irritation
Glow Beauty Recipe's TIP:
Use it 3-4 times a week for the first 2 weeksand once a week thereafter