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Ready, Set, Glow! Trial Kit


Ready, Set, Glow! Trial Kit

What It Is

Ready, Set, Glow is Dr. Ora’s first-ever trial kit. It contains a 6-day supply of all our three award-winning beauty supplements – Aura White Ultra, Lactolean, and Crystal Luxe Collagen. It’s perfect for those who are wanting to test out the products before committing to a one-month supply.

Ready, Set, Glow!

Ready, Set, Glow! is recommended to those meeting Dr. Ora for the first time. This kit is enough to bring together the power of our glow trio to help you kickstart your journey to glow from within.

- Dr. Ora Aura White Ultra (5g) x 6 sachets

- Dr. Ora Lactolean (5g) x 6 sachets

- Dr. Ora Crystal Luxe Collagen (30ml) x 3 pouches

- Dr. Ora Skin Chart

- Dr. Ora Tape Measure



✔ Clinically proven active ingredients
 Brighten skin, lightens dark spots with Aura White
✔ Hydrates skin, reduce fine lines with Crystal Luxe Collagen 
✔ Reduce bloat, lose weight with Lactolean
✔ Track your #drorajourney with our Glow Passport!


The Glow Pass

Aura White Glow Up Tracker
Crystal Luxe Glow Up Tracker
Healthy Gut Tracker