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Dr Ora Beauty Fridge


Beauty Fridge

What It Is

Say hello to your ultimate beauty delight, dedicated to all things beauty. The Dr. Ora Beauty Fridge features both hot and cold setting and is able to store at home or in your car! It features a deluxe 8 litre storage space, perfect for keeping your favourite Crystal Luxe Collagen nice and chilled!


Transform your beauty routine with our Dr. Ora Beauty Mini Fridge! It keeps your skincare and supplement fresher and taster! The deceivingly large 8L storage space lets you store all your lifestyle needs in one place. An absolute beauty game changer.

✔ Extends shelf life
 Reduces harmful bacteria from becoming present
 Helps calm and de-puff skin
✔ Reduces oiliness and eases acne
 Has a soothing effect
✔ Supplement taste amazing cold!