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Derm-all Matrix Facial Dermal-Care Mask

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Derm-all Matrix Facial Dermal-Care Mask

Elevate your skincare routine with Derm-all Matrix Facial Mask, a mask like no other that will immerse your skin in intense moisture. Designed with a distinctive hydrogel known as Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) that replenishes and restores moisture for deeply hydrated, bouncy skin. The ECM found in the mask penetrates the surface of the skin leaving it soft and dewy, with a gorgeous glow. Exclusively innovated for overnight use, this unique mask will lavish you with moisturized and beautiful skin after just one use.

Sheet masks are essential in the 10-step Korean skincare routine and are used regularly by Koreans to achieve perfectly radiant skin, but who has the time for a tedious 10-step regime, achieve all ten steps in just one step with the Derm-all Matrix Facial Mask. Derm-all Matrix Facial Mask is a cult-favorite skincare product in Korea, it’s also known as the Stewardess Mask for its miraculous ability to combat jet-lagged skin.


Why is Derm-all Matrix Facial mask so special?

An overnight mask that will keep the skin drenched in the moisturizing essence all night long without drying it out, wake up with supple skin that will last all day.

  • Your make-up will stay put longer – Who needs a setting spray when Derm-all Matrix has got your covered?
  • Banishes dry, parched patches
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging
  • Locks in moisture whilst replenishing lost moisture
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Combats jet-lagged skin
  • Dermatologist-tested formula




  • ECM (Extra Cellular Matrix) – The main ingredient that is found in the Derm-all Matrix Facial Dermal-Care Mask is ECM (Extra Cellular Matrix) which is a far more luxurious and higher quality material as compared to that of hydrogel material. ECM aids in penetrating the skin, allowing other ingredients to be easily absorbed. ECM mimics that of human skin which is why absorption of nutrients is sped up and is more effective when compared to an ordinary sheet mask.
  • Amino Acid complexes and Adenosine – Aids in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and slows down aging effects.
  • Plant Extracts– Contains more than 10 types of plant extracts, including that of Houttuynia Cordata, Argan, Citron, Green Tea, Red Ginseng and more. These natural ingredients nourish the skin with nutrients and are suitable for every skin type.

Innovative technology behind Derm-all Matrix Facial mask

The product is designed to cling onto the skin as the ingredients get absorbed into the skin, it uses moisture locking technology that retains moisture without drying out the mask or the skin. You will notice that the mask will have turned translucent and there will be sebum residue on the mask the morning after, the gunk (keratin) that been clogging your pores has been lifted and has adhered onto the mask.


Clinically proven test results!

Derm-all Matrix Facial Dermal-Care Mask is OTC FDA certified, FDA suggesting it is a dermatologist-tested product, and OTC indicates the product’s medical effects have been proven. Derm-all Matrix Facial Mask is OTC certified based on whitening, tightening, improvement in skin complexion, and reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. Flight attendants have tested the Derm-all Matrix Facial Mask on a 13-hour long flight, and the results are remarkable, the skin is visibly more hydrated, and there are no signs of jet-lagged skin.


Flight crew's test after 13 hours of flight shows skin is smoother and more moisturized with Derm-all Matrix Facial mask! No more jet-lagged skin! Arrive in your country of destination with beautiful, dewy skin.

How to use Dermall-All Matrix Mask

  • 1 box contains 4 sheets that can last up to a month if used once a week
  • It is recommended to use every 2 to 3 days for better results

 Step 1: Cleanse face and pat dry with a towel

Step 2: Open pack and peel off transparent film backing from the mask segments

Step 3: Adhere mask segments to the top and bottom parts of your face accordingly 

Step 4: Keep the mask on overnight or for a minimum of 4 hours

Step 5: Gently remove mask

Step 6: Discard mask after use

Different ways to use Derm-All Matrix Mask

  • As a morning pack (Better than coffee) – Leave mask on for 30 minutes before applying your makeup for longer lasting makeup and for quick moisturizing
  • During long flights (No more jet-lagged skin) – Use mask on long flights to prevent dry, jet lagged skin
  • On vacations (Sun-kissed) – This mask has wondrous effects on sun burnt skin, place mask segments on sun burnt skin to soothe irritation
  • Day use (Dewy all day) – Adhere on face for 2 hours at home or work to achieve flawless, awakened skin even while your brain is in zombie mode
  • Night Use (Sleeping beauty) – Maximize the effects and abilities of this amazing mask by sleeping with it on, the mask won’t budge because of its outstanding adhesion technology