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What is OJESH?



People tend to sort the world visually, based on outward appearances. And that's where beauty begins — with the freedom to decide for yourself how you want to look. We provide the ingredients for you to choose when this will be: hyaluronic acid as a serum for your skin, combined with the efficacy of plants from nature.

The human skin is a fascinating and multi-talented organ, a miracle measuring two square metres — and we need to take care of it. Protective shield, sensory organ and part of our immune defence, it regulates the temperature and water content of our bodies and signals pain and moods to us. It's through our skin that we sense the world around us. Skin is also an expression of our age and lifestyle. It requires special care and sufficient moisture – and that's where we at OJESH® come in.

Working closely with experienced pharmacists and cosmetics experts, we have developed a high-quality, dermatologist-approved product range: the new LIFTING range from the house of OJESH®. This offers high quality at an affordable price and leaves your skin noticeably smoother with an even complexion and pleasant, supple feel. We want you to feel good in your skin — at any age.



Having the right water content in our connective tissue keeps our skin smooth and supple. This is regulated by the body's own »high-performance wrinkle-smoother«, hyaluronic acid. A single molecule of this active ingredient can retain 6000 times its own weight in water – but from around the age of 25, the body starts to produce less and less of it. By the time we reach our 60s only around 10% of our initial level remains detectable, and our skin has lost much of its elasticity.

Hyaluronic acid can intervene in this process, gently, subtly and as needed, to plump up wrinkles from within, with no side effects. For the products in the LIFTING range from OJESH® we have developed a formula with different proportions of hyaluronic acid to offer just the level of skin care you need.

The combination of hyaluronic acid with natural ingredients and highly effective plant extracts — such as Alpine edelweiss, whose active ingredients intercept harmful free radicals to lastingly reduce skin ageing — has nourishing, protective and regenerating properties, which smooth out fine lines and keep skin firm. What's more, our active-ingredient complex stimulates the skin's natural repair mechanism and cell renewal, as tissue-strengthening effects can also unfold in the lower layers of the skin.